June 13, 2024

New Party Bus Company for Marijuana Users to Open In 2016

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The medical marijuana industry has brought with it a vast amount of unintended consequences, some good some bad, but all that are having an impact on the rest of the society and economy as a whole.

One example of this that’s been reported on is storage space value rising as cannabis distributors gobble up the real estate. Another new trend that is expected to take of in 2016 is party bus and limo rental services being able to transport recreational marijuana users legally. The industry already makes about $11 billion of revenue annually.

According to the U.S. business news source IBtimes.com, as of January 2 at least one company will allow marijuana to be brought and consumed on their party buses and limo services.

“We’ve all ridden in limos before, people drink and consume alcohol in limos, [so] why couldn’t we provide the similar experience for cannabis users,” Brian Sherman, chief operations officer for High There.

According to a spokesperson for the Denver Office of Marijuana Policy, the new policy will be on the up and up legally since party bus and limousine rentals have tinted windows and are private property. The driver will not be allowed to smoke, despite the fact there are no partitions on party buses like there are in limousine services.

The U.S. taxi and limousine industry grew by an estimated 3.2% annually from 2009 to 2014 and this move is only expected to draw in more potential customers. This means more potential jobs for an industry that already employs an estimated 256,651 people in the United States.

High There is expected to work primarily out of the Denver downtown area to start, but they already have plans to work with events like the X Games to provide transportation. it’s the company’s second business endeavor into the weed game, as they released a dating app earlier this year that’s essentially Tinder for marijuana users.

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