March 29, 2023

Snow Pushers And Plows Saving Cities Big Bucks In Lost Revenue

Snow pushers

Snow pusher manufacturers are at their busiest from Fall through the end of Winter, selling heavy duty equipment to a variety of customers including municipalities, snow removal contractors and universities. About 80% of sales are made through a dealer network, with the balance going direct to buyers.

We’ve all seen the snow removal equipment hard at work after a big storm, but how many know there are different types for specific applications? Snow pushers are used to contain snow and relocate it. Snow plows mostly just move it off to one side. You’ll find snow pushers being used to clear airport tarmacs, parking lots and other large areas.

The popular rubber edge snow pusher came first, and then 20 years later a steel edge version was produced for areas where more cutting power is needed. Variations include the snow box pusher and the angled snow pusher.

Of course, there are several different sizes of equipment available as well, from heavy duty snow plows down to a much smaller bobcat snow pusher.

Snow pusher manufacturers know the punishment their equipment will take, so they use welded joints throughout and engineer all parts and finishes for maximum weather-resistance and durability. Coatings have to be thick enough to withstand corrosion from the salt used on roadways.

One or more times each year, certain parts of the U.S. can expect to receive enough snow to require the use of removal equipment. In 2014, the cost of getting the snow off of New York City roads and streets was over $130 million. But it was a worthwhile investment, as a study the same year showed the cost of a one-day snow-related shutdown in the city could run as high as $700 million, with $152 million of that being lost retail sales.

So, when you consider the number of cities where road clearance becomes necessary at least once each winter season, the economic impact of snow pusher manufacturers in the United States and Canada is significant indeed.

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