July 20, 2024

4 Vehicles You Might Want for Your Wedding

Limo rental service

If you are planning a wedding, you know there are far too many things to keep track of. One thing that may have slipped your mind is the possibility of renting vehicles for certain aspects of your wedding. Depending on your budget, providing transportation for your wedding party, and even your guests, can really make your guests feel appreciated. Below are just a few of the vehicles that you might consider renting for your wedding weekend.

Limousine Rental

If your ceremony is at a different location than your reception, you will definitely want to consider a limousine service for you and your bride/groom, or for your whole wedding party. If the reception is ten or more minutes away, this is a great place to celebrate with a bottle of champagne. Plus, it might be the only alone time that you and your bride/groom get the entire evening. If you’re looking into a limousine service, however, you will want to make sure you look early, especially if you’re looking into a stretch limo rental. While there are 130,000 limos across the United States, 60% of companies have less than five vehicles. So make sure to do your research in advance if you’re planning on booking a limousine service.

Party bus

Another option you might consider is a party bus. Party buses are relatively affordable and are perfect for bachelorette or bachelor parties. However, they are also a great option for transportation between venues during your wedding day, especially if you have a large bridal party. You might not want to consider this option if it will just be you and your bride/groom, however, since party buses accommodate many people.

Shuttle service

Another transportation option you might consider is a shuttle service. If your venue does not have a lot of parking near it, your guests will likely have to park somewhat far away. If you have older relatives, this might cause them a lot of trouble. Providing a shuttle service by renting a bus, will allow you to transport your guests to and from the parking lot all night, making it much easier on your guests.

Taxis on call

The last vehicle option you might consider is a taxi service on call. If you live in a busy area, where taxis are hard to come by, you might want to call a taxi service and ask to reserve one or two of their taxis. This might be expensive but will be worth it if you have an open bar at your wedding and want your guests to get home safely. It’s best to call your local taxi company to inquire about prices and see if it would fit in with your wedding budget.

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