June 13, 2024

5 Tips When Renting a Limo for an Event

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Planning an event where a limo rental service is required can be a difficult task. Many times, the event is of high importance, like a birthday party or bachelorette party, and having a bad experience is not an option. By following the tips below, you will ensure that you have a great and fun experience when renting luxury transportation.

Plan Ahead
While there are over 130,000 limousines in services across the country, it’s still important to plan ahead when you are in need of limo service. With so many limos in service throughout the America, there is also a substantial number of companies who offer limo rental services, meaning that each company has a relatively small fleet. In fact, 60% of companies who offer limo rental service have fewer than 5 vehicles.

Do your research
It is also important to research local companies who offer limo rental services before booking a company. Many have reviews online that are left by real customers. If you find a company has many bad reviews, you may be better off going with another company, especially if the limousine rental is for an important event.

Consider other options
While a stretch limo rental can add fun and class to any event, stretch limo rental costs are relatively high. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider other options. Party buses are both unique and affordable and offer another option for fun group transportation. Many are equipped with sound systems, light systems and ice buckets to keep drinks in.

Plan the party!
Once you have your transportation selected, it’s time to plan the actual event. Whether you are hosting a bachelor or bachelorette party, celebrating a birthday, or going on a wine tour, the transportation is highly important. If you have gotten a nice limo or a fun party bus, you want to make the ride to and from the event(s) as fun as possible for your guests. Many limos and party buses allow you to bring snacks and drinks into the limo or onto the bus. Enjoying a nice glass of wine or a mixed drink on the way to an event is something you would be unable to do if you were to transport yourselves.

Keep the driver informed
When using a limo service or party bus service, many people make the mistake of not keeping the driver informed. It is best to provide the driver with a list of addresses and ensure that he understands each location before you leave. This is especially important for wine tours. While most drivers will be familiar with certain wineries, it’s best not to assume. You don’t want to be enjoying your fourth drink later trying to explain to the driver how to get to a certain winery.

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