May 18, 2024

Sometimes a Party Bus Makes More Sense

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Decisions, decisions. You’re planning an event and you know you want it to be a stylish time to remember, but can’t decide between using a shuttle service, renting a limo or pulling out all the stops and getting a party bus. Really, it’s got everything to do with the size of the event.
Stretch limo rentals are usually best for smaller groups. They allow for a luxurious and relaxed atmosphere while being shuttled to or from an event and can be perfect for smaller wedding parties or even just a romantic date on the town with someone special.
Naturally, the party bus will hold more people just due to its sheer size. Higher ceilings and wider aisles make it seem like a venue unto itself, whereas a limo is basically just a stretched out car. While you can certainly pack a decent number of people into a limo, it lacks the same spacious feel of a party bus.
Basically, the party bus option includes all of the amenities that a limo does and then adds a ton of room for you to have fun in comfort. Additionally, since the bus allows for more people, the cost can be split even further, which means less money spent per participant (unless one person is footing the bill). Limousine service may offer a sense of elegance, but a party bus also comes with a choice of amenities and upgrades, like TVs, dancing poles, an interior bar, fun lighting options and more, allowing you to customize the event to your preferences and price bracket.
A party bus is considered ideal for larger wedding shindigs, concert/sporting events, tailgating shenanigans. The bottom line is that you’ll already have the party started while others sit in traffic. Both types of vehicles are a fun upgrade for special occasions that promote luxury and also privacy, but the party bus option is hands-down more festive. If elegance is what you’re after, limo service may be more appropriate, however.
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