November 30, 2022

5 Reasons to Rent a Party Bus for Your Bachelorette Party

In addition to the joys of finding a bridesmaid dress and helping the bride choose between twelve different shades of alarmingly similar pale pink lipstick for the big day, one of the best parts of being in a wedding party is getting to plan the bachelorette party. Planning your friend’s last night out as a […]

If Ke$ha Gets a Limo, So Do You

If KeSha deserves a limo, so do you. Think about it. You (presumably) live a respectable life with no major addictions and plenty of contributions to society. If Ke$ha gets to ride around town in a party bus, limousine rental or whatever stretch vehicle is popular these days, maybe you even deserve a jet. So […]

Limousine Services Will Make Your Next Event So Much Easier

Customers searching for the ‘best limousine service near me’ can also compare the different hourly rates that the organizations offer. It’s common for limousine rides to cost at least $95 for every hour. Customers may pay as much as $150 per hour at a limo service. Renting a limo for a night may make sense […]

Sometimes a Party Bus Makes More Sense

Decisions, decisions. You’re planning an event and you know you want it to be a stylish time to remember, but can’t decide between using a shuttle service, renting a limo or pulling out all the stops and getting a party bus. Really, it’s got everything to do with the size of the event. Stretch limo […]

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