May 23, 2024

If Ke$ha Gets a Limo, So Do You

Stretch limo rental

If KeSha deserves a limo, so do you. Think about it. You (presumably) live a respectable life with no major addictions and plenty of contributions to society. If Ke$ha gets to ride around town in a party bus, limousine rental or whatever stretch vehicle is popular these days, maybe you even deserve a jet. So now that it’s decided, you are indeed getting yourself a luxurious form of transport for an upcoming engagement, let’s talk about whats out there.
Lot’s of small companies
There are just 130,000 limos in service across the United States and many companies own fewer than five limousine rentals. Even Ke$sha’s people book way ahead of time. Be sure to plan plenty of time in advance so that you can get just what you want for your special day.
Don’t forget to stretch
If you need to accommodate a lot of people, a stretch limo rental could be just what you need. Forget the trollies, shuttle service or public transit. A stretch limo gives you privacy and panache.If not a limo service, a party bus is also an affordable way to transport your whole group at once.
And if it’s strictly business
So maybe your big deal isn’t all pleasure, but mostly business. You are not alone. In the United States, a limo is actually the 2nd most requested vehicle for business clients. In fact, about half of the business done by limo services happens during the week and is for corporate clients. The limo business grew 3.2% per year between 2009 and 2014. With business clients looking more and more for the “red carpet” treatment, the industry is sure to grow.

Just because you aren’t Ke$sha, doesn’t mean you can ride in style. Start planning your big get together and be sure to throw a crowd pleasing limo into the mix! Learn more.

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