July 20, 2024

Do You Need a Ride to a Special Event?

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It is a day for a limousine service. Just like the time President Clinton gave his last State of the Union address and he finally visited the state of Nebraska, so too is President Obama visiting Nebraska the morning after his final State of the Union address. Some of Obama’s biggest supporters are saying he saved the best for last. Some of his loudest naysayers are claiming they are glad that they only have to endure this visit once. No matter which side of the political welcome the residents of Omaha are on, it is hard to deny that everyone is aware of President Obama’s first visit to the state.
The free tickets for the public were all distributed the first day they were available and the students on the University of Nebraska at Omaha campus were given their tickets as well. In fact, the largest college in the city has canceled classes for today to allow students to attend the speech, and to allow the rest of the city to use the campus as free parking. Free shuttle service provided.
And that’s where the limousine service could come in. As people across the city attempt to figure out their transportation, limousine services are already booked and scheduled for both drop offs and pick ups before and after the event. It may cost money, but a personal delivery option seems better than battling the crowds and the uncertainty of parking availability.
Whether you are looking for a limousine rental to hear the President speak or you are looking for a party bus to take you to the big game, one of the industry’s best pieces of advice is to make the needed reservations as early as possible. While a limousine service may have a pretty good sized inventory of limo rental service options, the biggest days and nights of the year get spoken for quickly. High school proms and homecomings, summer Saturday weddings, and college football days are all times when customers may find that even all available shuttle service is booked months in advance. And, while many think of special rides for special events, the fact of the matter is that nearly 50% of all limousine bookings are for business and corporate events.
Not surprisingly, the American shuttle and limousine service generates $11 million a year. In fact, in the five years between 2009 and 2014, the combined taxi and limo service industry showed an average 3.2% annual growth. Even with the arrival of personal call for your ride services like Uber cropping up across the nation, the limousine service model will always be a trusted source of safe transportation that is both convenient and luxurious.
So, isn’t it time you hit the road? The President’s speech is starting in five hours and we hear the parking is going to be a nightmare!

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