September 28, 2022

Do You Need a Ride to a Special Event?

It is a day for a limousine service. Just like the time President Clinton gave his last State of the Union address and he finally visited the state of Nebraska, so too is President Obama visiting Nebraska the morning after his final State of the Union address. Some of Obama’s biggest supporters are saying he […]

New Party Bus Company for Marijuana Users to Open In 2016

The medical marijuana industry has brought with it a vast amount of unintended consequences, some good some bad, but all that are having an impact on the rest of the society and economy as a whole. One example of this that’s been reported on is storage space value rising as cannabis distributors gobble up the […]

5 Tips for Renting a Limo

Whether you are heading out for a night out on the town with your bachelorettes, trying to find a luxury ride to your Prom, or in need of a vehicle for an important client, you might look into renting a limousine. While there are likely many companies in your area that offer limousine rental, it’s […]

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