May 23, 2024

Why You Should Get Classic Car Insurance

If you have a classic car, it often isn’t enough to get a standard auto insurance policy for it. An auto insurance policy for a standard car is highly reliant on the age of the car and its number of miles. When going by these judgments, it’s difficult to get a Blue Book value for what people will actually pay for a car that is considered a classic.

Many factors other than the age and mileage of a classic car may go into its value, including the scarcity of the models and any attention that the model has gotten in popular culture. When you get classic car insurance for it, this insurance policy takes all of those factors into account and figures out a unique value for your car to make sure that it is well-insured against accidents and other incidents that can happen to it.

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When you get a classic car insurance quote, it’s about more than simply looking up the value in a yearly database, as the prices of classic cars can change often. If a type of car has gotten a lot of attention lately in popular culture, it may be worth more now than last year.


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