July 19, 2024

13 Upgrades That Add Value To Your Car

It’s not easy to maintain the original value of your car. Car depreciation is a tough reality that is inevitable. According to research, as soon as you drive a brand-new car off the lot, it loses about 11% of its value. After just one year, it loses more than 20% of its value, followed by about 10% annual value loss for the next four years. You should expect your car to be up to 40% less than what you paid when you first bought it after five years of ownership.

Although upgrading your car demands a lot of money, time, and energy, it’s a worthwhile investment. Before making any modifications, it is important to note that some car upgrades only make a car look more appealing but do not add value to its durability and performance. Therefore, here are some of the upgrades that add value to your car:

1. New Tires

New tires are one of the upgrades that add value to your car. A set of new tires can last up to six years, depending on how the driver uses and maintains them. Driving on worn-out tires not only puts the driver at greater risk of losing control of the car but also depreciates the value of the vehicle by giving it a run-down appearance.

To guarantee a comfortable and safe drive, car owners need to replace old tires. Investing in new tires for your car is worthwhile because they increase its functionality and resale value.

2. Installing Alloy Rims

High-quality rims are among the upgrades that add value to your car. Alloy rims are the ideal complement to new tires. They increase the worth of your car while improving the driving performance, gas mileage, and handling of your vehicle, in addition to their attractive appearance. Some alloy rims might offer extra brake clearance depending on the model and make of your car, extending the life of the brakes.

Alloy rims are a good choice to increase the resale value of your car as long as the design is not too unique and generally unappealing or changes the tires’ size and profiles to the point where it impacts the car’s drivability.

3. Interior Upgrades

Upgrading the interiors of a car gives it a personal touch, premium features, added comfort, and an increased resale value. There are numerous ways in which you can upgrade the interior of your car by customizing and replacing the carpets, seats, and dashboards.

  • Fit New Seats

Installing new seats has many advantages, including a stylish interior makeover, increased safety, improved driving posture, and a sportier-feeling vehicle. Leather seats are the best upgrades that add value to your car. They elevate the car’s appeal with a touch of elegance. In addition to giving your car a more upscale appearance, leather seats are simpler to clean than fabric seats since they don’t collect liquids that could cause stains.

For drivers and passengers with dust allergies, leather seats have the advantage of trapping less dust than fabric seats. They also tend to last longer than fabric seats.

  • Invest in New Seat Covers

The interior of your car can be upgraded affordably with a unique set of covers. They may significantly enhance the interior of your car’s comfort, safety, and style while raising its market value. Seat covers protect your car’s interior upholstery against unattractive stains.

They also protect your car seats against UV rays which may affect their color and durability. Your car’s interior also needs to be protected against tears and rips, and seat covers are essential for this purpose.

  • Add Car Mats

Many different car mat styles, textures, and finishes in the market today allow you to choose a premium appearance that better suits your taste. Good car mats protect your car’s carpet, safeguarding its resale value.

4. Upgrade Your In-Car Technology

Having the right in-car technology is one of the best upgrades that add value to your car. Some of these improvements can be used for safety, functionality, entertainment, or just for fashion. They include:

  • Satellite Navigation (sat nav)

    – it is one of the in-car technology that helps with navigation around unfamiliar areas.

  • Transparent GPS

    -it is another modification you can improve navigation. It is useful, especially when driving at night, in bad weather, or on curvy roads. It allows the driver to constantly keep their eyes on the road by projecting the map from their phone onto the dashboard.

  • In-built Bluetooth

    – It makes it easier to make phone calls and play music over the car’s speaker, enabling you to drive more attentively and with fewer distractions.

  • Parking Sensor

    – This in-car technology can help you avoid running into anything hidden behind you. As a car approaches an object that could potentially hit and damage it, the device emits beeping sounds or begins to blink the red light.

  • Rearview Cameras

    – Rearview cameras give drivers a considerably clearer view of what is behind them than rearview mirrors do as they are reversing. It also helps drivers to drive along congested roads safely.

  • Air Conditioning

    – most new car models have an ac installation already in place. However, if you have an older car, you’ll need to get a professional for an HVAC service that will provide you and the passengers with a comfortable driving environment.

All these devices are among the upgrades that add value to your car and give it a better market value.

5. Car Wrapping

A vehicle wrap is a fast-growing trend for many car owners looking for a chic way to customize their rides and safeguard their pricey car paints. It’s a great method to alter your car’s appearance without committing in the long run. Car wrapping has the advantage of giving a car owner more design and color options than painting. When properly done, it can significantly improve your vehicle’s appearance.

A damaged finish can turn away potential buyers and lower your car’s resale value. A car wrap shields your car from anything that could scratch the paint, such as sand, dirt, and grit. The vehicle’s paint is usually in good condition once you remove the car wrap, increasing its market value. Hence, car wrapping is one of the upgrades that add value to your car.

6. Routine Maintenance Through Servicing

The engine is unquestionably the most vital part of your car and the center of all it does. Regular maintenance is essential for the health of your engine and can significantly lower the likelihood of vehicle parts failure. Examples of engine maintenance include oil changes and fluid flushes. You must also check engine lights to determine if your car’s emission system is in good shape.

Unfortunately, other problems, including a driver’s regular driving habits and accidents, might cause engine damage. If engine damage does occur, it is essential to get the engine serviced promptly and correctly.

Other than the engine, your car should undergo wheel alignments and tire rotation, regular turn-ups, and body and interior works at one of your most trusted auto body repair shops. Routine maintenance is one of the best upgrades that add value to your car.

7. Tonneau Cover for Your Truck

A tonneau cover, also known as a truck bed cover, is one of the upgrades that add value to your car and give it a touch of class in its appearance. It offers safety while transporting your luggage and equipment as it can protect them from wind, snow, or rain. It also covers everything up, protecting your cargo from thieves. The bed will also hold up better than when it is uncovered, minimizing truck repair and increasing its resale value.

Also, because of the aerodynamic shape of a tonneau cover, your bed will produce less air drag. Compared to an open bed, this will improve your gas mileage by about 5%, while some cars can achieve savings of up to 10%.

8. Auto Tinting

Auto tinting is a fantastic way to increase security in your car, add style to it, and block harmful UV rays during the summer. With tinted windows, you can lower the temperature inside your vehicle and prevent its interiors from fading faster. Additionally, when looking for a vehicle, many people may want a certain level of privacy provided by tinting.

Some tints also protect by strengthening the glass, which makes it more difficult for someone to break your window. Tinted windows can help your car’s value rise if you plan to trade it in or upgrade.

9. Car Detailing

If you’re considering selling your car and want to make sure you get the most money from it, you should consider getting it professionally polished. Car detailing is the most effective thing you can do to rapidly increase the resale value of almost any truck, car, or SUV before taking it for resale at a used car dealer.

It restores the finish making it look as if it has been freshly painted. Additionally, the detailer uses products that help in protecting it against on-road hazards. It also enhances your vehicle’s engine if you choose engine steam cleaning. Eventually, besides having your car a brand-new look, it also gives it a new car smell. Car detailing is absolutely one of the best upgrades that add value to your car.

10. Installing a Better Braking System

Potential buyers may find your car more appealing if your braking system is in good working order because it makes driving safer. Change brake pads frequently since they deteriorate over time as other auto parts do. You risk harming the brake rotors when braking pads are worn out past a certain point. It is crucial to examine them routinely to ensure they are in good form.

To enhance the braking rotors’ functionality and endurance, select high-quality, long-lasting brake pads. Installing a new braking system is also one of the upgrades that add value to your car.

11. Lowering Suspension

A common approach to modify your ride is to lower your automobile or truck, so it is closer to the ground. If done properly, it gives your car a great appearance and improves handling. It also improved your car’s stability during turns and emergency maneuvers.

When the car is lowered, less air flows underneath, which might lessen the drag placed on it, resulting in better performance. Lowering your car’s suspension increases its value, especially if it is a pick-up.

12. Add a Dual Exhaust

An exhaust system impacts a car’s engine operation and general performance. the dual exhaust system uses two exhaust pipes to eliminate engine emissions. Typically, it includes a catalytic converter to reduce the toxic emissions from the exhaust, a manifold to collect exhaust, and a muffler to reduce noise. A sports car is the perfect vehicle for dual exhaust.

13. Installing a Cold Air-Intake System

A useful modification to your car that can significantly improve driving performance is a cold air intake. A vehicle’s horsepower and torque are increased for faster acceleration when a suitable cold air intake system is installed, and you get to save money since less fuel is used.


There are so many upgrades that add value to your car in the automobile industry. Modifying your car is a great way to add value and change its appearance and performance. However, conducting your research before making any major upgrades is important as some may affect its handling and general safety. If you want to resale your upgraded car, look for a good car dealership that would help you in the valuation process.

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