May 23, 2024

Never Carbon Clean Your Cars Engine

When it comes to your vehicle, making sure it stays healthy for a long time is a big concern. Modern cars seemingly run into problems constantly and there never seems to be a cheap way to fix them. So before you go to a car dealership and pay a ton of money to fix your vehicle, look into doing the things you need to do to maintain your car’s health for the long term. The first thing you can do is use a carbon removal brush to clean any carbon residue that’s left around the parts of your car. Allowing this to build up can lead to things like rust and metal damage.

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Other things you can implement into your vehicle are things like honing oil, grinding coolant, a new crankshaft belt among other things. You don’t need an arsenal of automotive machine shop tools to be able to fix a lot of these issues but it does help to have some tools ready. The one thing you shouldn’t do though is carbon clean your car’s engine. This can lead to erosion in the engine that can result in actually shortening the life of the engine.

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