April 23, 2024

Installing Engine Distributers for Rookies

This video discusses rookie tips for installing a distributor and fitting distributors. The first thing to remember is that the distributor must be compatible with the camshaft. The drive gear must be compatible, or the vehicle will have poor performance or not run at all. When buying parts for the car, the buyer must be proactive in ensuring that the appropriate distributor is purchased.

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A reliable technician can give some advice on that.

An individual installing a distributor will need to know the firing order and the direction the gear turns. The information about the firing order is most likely in the owner’s manual. If not, it is most definitely available inside of a genuine repair manual.

The first step to changing the distributor is to find cylinder one and then turn the engine over using a hand until the balancer’s timing mark reaches a perfect zero degrees. The person should then place a thumb over the spark plug hole and check for pressure on the compression stroke. If that’s not the case, then the person would need to rotate the crankshaft another rotation. The individual must repeat the process as many times as it takes to get the crankshaft in the correct position. View the video to find out more.

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