July 20, 2024

How to Deal With Hail Damage the Right Way

Researchers discovered in a recent survey that around 77 percent of vehicles require repairs or maintenance. Auto body damage can be caused by four factors: high-speed collisions, fender benders, negligence, and weather. It’s challenging to keep your car safe against unpredictable weather conditions such as hail.

Do you live in a place where hail damage is, more often than not, a source of concern? If so, then there’s a good chance that you’ll have to spend a fortune getting a car fixed after sustaining damage from hail. Remember that you will waste even more money if you don’t take action immediately.

Procrastinating and postponing any action to fix the problem right away will be a grave mistake that can cause you thousands of dollars. Follow the steps below so you can efficiently deal with auto hail damage.

Take Action Right Away

Don’t put off having repairs done on your car damaged by hail. You should not dismiss it as a small matter. However minor the damage to your vehicle is, repairing dents from hail damage must be your top priority and needs proper attention as soon as possible.

After a quick inspection, the damage may appear to be a minor issue – it can even be hidden to the naked eye. However, if you leave your car with these problems unresolved, its value would plummet by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Bring in Your Car to an Auto Body Repair Shop ASAP

Some folks totally dismiss bringing their damaged car to a repair shop. Still, the majority of people who encounter this issue simply postpone the repairs to a later date. Ask them why and they’ll probably say that their vehicle could still sustain more damage from hail, so they will just wait until hail season is over.

They don’t know that this behavior will only increase the expenses that they will incur if they wait a few more weeks before having the repairs done.

Another thing you should be aware of is that you shouldn’t file a single insurance claim for numerous instances of hail damage to your car. It may result in insurance fraud charges and will only subject you to more expenses.

That’s not all, though. If you wait until the hail season ends, your car may sustain even more severe damage. Using a damaged car to withstand the torrent of harm from more hailstorms can cause it to become more fragile. Put off the repairs, and you may wind up with a totaled vehicle.

Do Your Homework

During hail season, insurance firms are usually bombarded with these types of claims.

You must file an insurance claim in these situations. But don’t expect your provider to inform you of all aspects involved in the repair process.

Typically, your insurance firm will provide you with a list of preferred repair shops where you can bring in your hail-damaged car. However, they may impose limitations on the repair that will make the process more difficult for you.

Find a trustworthy vehicle repair shop on your own: search online reviews of the ones you think will work to your advantage.

Remember to File an Insurance Claim

Don’t hesitate to make a claim on your insurance because you think it could result in a higher premium.

Car damage caused by hailstorms should be covered in your comprehensive coverage. It’s a “no-fault” claim, so your premium won’t increase even after filing a claim.

Residents of areas prone to hailstorms may already be paying higher insurance premiums. So if you’re one of the people living in such places, you must accept that and not be afraid to file a claim. Take advantage of it, especially if you’re in dire straits.

Don’t Let Super Low Prices Fool You

You must not settle for auto repair shops offering extremely cheap services as they can be too good to be true. Low prices usually have the equivalent shabby services.

Trust a Reputable Auto Shop to Repair Your Car

If you want your car restored in a way that will not peel or fade in just a few years, then you should choose the most recommended procedure. Paintless dent repair Chicago and other cities’ auto shops offer usually removes the need for grinding and painting. It also eliminates the need for resins and primers.

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