June 13, 2024

Little Steps to Maximize you Car’s Resale Value

Boat detailing supplies

Most of us understand that a car isn’t necessarily an investment. It’s a great tool for your everyday life, but the vast majority of cars will never gain in value. However, it’s always gratifying to get the full Kelley Blue Book value for your car when it comes time to sell. Lucky for you, there are small steps you can take as a car owner to preserve the quality and value of your car.

During winter, be sure to get salt off of your car after snow and ice storms
It may be hard to convince yourself that an auto detailing service is worth it in the middle of winter. And you certainly don’t want to do one of those self-wash services when it is that cold outside. However, it’s important to know that salt can make your car rust up to 10 times faster. It’s like detailing a boat, its particular important because your car is braving the elements.

Skip the drive-thru car was and go to an auto detailing business
When you get your car detailed, they are detailing not just the outside, but the inside and the engine. By doing this regularly, you are increasing the value of your car now as well as later. Not to mention, drive-thru car washes can sometimes hurt more than help. Dirt from other cars gets caught in their brushes and can scratch you car. Also, car detailing service can make your car much lighter and therefore more gas efficient! If you can’t afford to hire out, ask your local provider for auto detailing tips and do it at home.

Wax on, wax off
Maybe you’ve wondered about that wax option. Waxing a car consists of applying a bit coat of wax to protect the cars paint. Detailing a boat often also consists of applying wax. This is another great way to protect your car from the elements. If you can apply high quality wax every three months, you are highly likely to keep your car in new condition.

If you really want to impress the guys at the used car place, treat your car right. Like detailing a boat, It’ll make for a more enjoyable ride and a higher resale value. Think of all the others way you’ll save. When you have a business client in the car, they’ll be so impressed by its sheen! When you pick up your sons friend for a play date, his parents will love you! In the end, it pays.


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