May 23, 2024

Three Boat Cleaning Mistakes You Should Never Make

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Your boat is an investment and like any investment, you want to protect it with proper care and maintenance. Unfortunately, some of the very things you are doing to keep your boat in good shape can ruin it — like performing your own boat cleaning and detailing. You may think that caring for your boat’s exterior is no different than that of your car, but you would be very wrong. In fact, the mistakes you can make when detailing your boat can ruin it’s appearance, which is why you should use the services of a local boat detailing business. Utilizing a local boat detailing business will help you avoid these three major detailing and cleaning mistakes.

Wrong Cleaning Agents

The boat detailing supplies you use to clean your boat are of the utmost importance. Using harsh or abrasive chemical cleaners is never a good idea. Cleaning agents that contain harsh solvents, chlorine, or acids can eat through your boat’s protective clear coat or gel coat finish.

Additionally, the wrong type of cleaners can cause discoloration of mildew or mold spots on the body of your boat. They can also ruin the seat fabric. Professional boat detailing products will not damage your boat in any way and are designed to meet the cleaning needs of your boat’s exterior, whether it be fiberglass, wood, or metal.

Incorrect Buffing and Polishing

Just like your car, the exterior of your boat needs to be polished and/or buffed after a thorough cleaning. This not only ensures your boat looks great, but also helps to get rid of any visible imperfections, such as minor scratches.

However, not all boats require the same type of buffing and polishing tools. Using the wrong tools for the job can damage your boat’s finish, strip away the protective coating, and leave behind unsightly marks. One example of this is using a power buffer on oxidized metal portions of your boat and the using the same buffer on the body of your boat. This isn’t a wise idea and can result in the transfer of black marks onto the body of the boat.

Using a High Pressure Hose on the Deck

You might think that your power washer is a great tool for detailing a boat, but it can cause serious engine damage if it is used incorrectly. One of the biggest mistakes boat owners make is using a high pressure hose to clean the deck and cockpit area of their boats.

Using a high pressure hose in these areas is a recipe for disaster. The water comes out of the hose so forcefully, that it can easily penetrate the hatches to your engine compartment. As you probably already know, water and engines do not mix and water can cause your engine parts to rust.

As you can see, it’s rather easy to make some serious boat cleaning mistakes. Having a professional boat detailing business take care of your boat for you can allow you to avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes. These professionals can also provide you with some valuable boat detailing tips to keep your boat looking great between professional cleanings.
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