June 22, 2024

Reasons to Get Your Car Detailed

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A car is usually a young adult’s first major purchase and something many Americans who live in rural or suburban areas still consider a necessity. Since a car is usually such a huge investment, it’s important to make sure you’re maintaining your car and ensuring that you can get the best resale value on your car later. One such way to do this is to invest in some of the best auto detailing products you can find. One of the best ways to get the best auto detailing products is simply to go to a car detailing service, which will do it for you.

What Is Detailing?

A car detailing service will usually include the following three aspects: a detailing of the inside of your car, the outside of your car, and engine detailing. It’s basically the work of going through a comprehensive cleaning, restoration, and finishing details of your car, that goes past what a car wash or vacuuming would do. Exterior detailing will focus on a cleaning of the outside of your car–paint job, fixing scratches, paying attention to the chrome trim, condition of the windows and wheels, and tires. The interior detailing focuses on the upholstery and overall condition of the inside of the car.

Why Get My Car Detailed?

Professional auto detailing
can help increase the resale value of your car, by bringing its quality and cleanliness back up to showroom value. Investing now in auto detailing services can give you hundreds or thousands of dollars in resale value later. Additionally, auto detailing can do wonders for your gas mileage as well; up to ten pounds of dirt can be removed with detailing, greatly increasing your gas mileage! Safety is also a factor–detailing your engine can help a mechanic find leaks, which could prove to be potentially dangerous or costly in the future. If you live in a wintery area, it’s also good to get your car detailed–salt can increase the corrosion or rusting of your car up to ten times faster than under usual circumstances.

Why Can’t I Do It Myself?

Many people prefer to use automatic car washes or take on car detailing themselves, which can be a mistake. Many DIY car detailing materials can actually harm your car, by stripping waxes or oils from the paint. Instead of protecting your vehicle, these materials can damage your car instead. Drive-through car washes are also not a great choice, because of the dirt from other cars, which can become stuck in the spinning cloths used to wash your car. This can cause micro-marring and scratching of your vehicle. Automatic car washes can pose a danger to your car glass, because of the hydrofluoric acid used. Hydrofluoric acid is great for getting rid of brake dust, road grime, and rust, but has the potential to etch the glass in your car. It’s far better to take the time and bring your car to a professional auto detailing service. If you don’t need a lot done, you can usually find car detailing services for around $100. The more in-depth services run a little higher, but remember that looking for the best auto detailing products is a huge investment in the resale value of your car. Good references here.

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