February 4, 2023

The Legendary Cobra is a Lightweight Racing Car

The Cobra is an Anglo-American sports car that has been in production intermittently since 1962. Fitted with a Ford engine, the Cobra was intended from the outset to be a “Corvette beater”, a goal it achieved in 1963. Due to the high cost, very few models of the Cobra were built. Racing car enthusiasts have […]

Here’s Why Shelby Cobras are the Superior Option for High Performance Driving

Gearheads and muscle car fans are always on the hunt for cars with high performance driving capabilities, and there is no muscle car in the world that can compare to Shelby Cobras. Cobra car kits allow gearheads to customize their Shelby to their liking, and the ways to enhance a Cobra’s performance are truly endless. […]

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