October 6, 2022

Find a Cobra Replica for Sale, and Live the Dream

The Shelby Cobra is undoubtedly one of the best cars ever designed, a sports car with an engine big enough for a muscle car and a distinct design that remains classic even decades later. The Cobra is still one of the most desirable classic cars every designed, and every car enthusiast certainly wouldn’t mind owning […]

If You Enjoy DIY Projects, Car Kits Should Be Your Next Investment

If you’re a car fanatic, you probably already know about the Shelby Cobra and its replica kits. For anyone else reading this article, Shelby Cobras were a muscle car that made history in the early ’60s because of its rivalry with the Corvette and its sheer power in the racing world. It all started when […]

The Legendary Cobra is a Lightweight Racing Car

The Cobra is an Anglo-American sports car that has been in production intermittently since 1962. Fitted with a Ford engine, the Cobra was intended from the outset to be a “Corvette beater”, a goal it achieved in 1963. Due to the high cost, very few models of the Cobra were built. Racing car enthusiasts have […]

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