May 31, 2020

Why You Need a Professional Body Shop

Why You Need a Professional Body Shop There are approximately 6 million car accidents in the U.S. each year. On average, there‚Äôs a rear-end collision on U.S. roads every eight seconds. In 2014, there were nearly 2 million rear-end collisions accounting for almost 33% of all crashes that year. Why are these statistics important? Because […]

Get the Parts Your Need to Expand Your Shop From the Best Tool Distributors

There are definitely quite a few cars on America’s roads. In fact, recent figures indicate that the United States has 300 million cars, which is more than any other country. China has 78 million, which places them as the country with the second-most cars on the road. The automotive industry is significant within this country. […]

Basic Machine Services Have Been in Use for Centuries

It is that time of the summer when things start falling apart. From the leave blower to the mower itself, it is important to make sure that all of the tools that you have are working their best. Broken and non functioning tools simply gather dust in the garage and keep you from achieving the […]

If You Enjoy DIY Projects, Car Kits Should Be Your Next Investment

If you’re a car fanatic, you probably already know about the Shelby Cobra and its replica kits. For anyone else reading this article, Shelby Cobras were a muscle car that made history in the early ’60s because of its rivalry with the Corvette and its sheer power in the racing world. It all started when […]

A Look At Car Ownership In The United States

Owning a car is often nothing if not a necessity to many people who are currently living in the United States. Owning a car, while an enjoyable experience for many people, can be absolutely essential. From getting to work to dropping your kids off at school, there are many strictly practical uses for owning a […]

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