June 13, 2024

Types Of Car Insurance Explained

Auto insurance is a wide ranging category of insurance. The type of auto insurance you have depends on your needs and the specifications of your vehicle. Watch this video to learn about the different kinds of auto insurance.

Liability Insurance:
This is the kind of auto insurance that every vehicle owner must carry.

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It protects other people when you are responsible for an accident. The two parts of liability insurance are property damage coverage and bodily damage coverage. Property damage pays to repair or appraise other vehicles or property that has been damaged. Bodily damage coverage covers any medical expenses involved in the accident.

Collision Insurance:
This kind of insurance protects your vehicle after an accident, even if you are the one at fault. You will need this if your vehicle is leased. Otherwise, it is up to personal preference.

Comprehensive Insurance:
This protects your car from damage not caused by an accident like theft, falling objects or natural disasters. This usually goes hand in hand with collision insurance and like its counterpart, it is required if your car is leased. When you lease a car, you don’t actually own it so it is important for the dealership to know their cars are protected.

For more information, reach out to your insurance provider today.

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