May 23, 2024

Three Reasons to Buy a New Car Rather Than a Used One

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Although many people see attractive new car sales advertised, they often think that they can’t afford it. Instead, they’ll go used car shopping in order to potentially save themselves large chunks of money. However, these people aren’t thinking long terms. Even if they get the best used cars, often times they wind up spending more than they would’ve had they just gone for those new car sales.

First of all, it’s fair to say that used cars don’t work as well. Wear and tear has built up on them, and they’re simply less reliable machines. This results in higher repair bills. Used cars will need more integral (I.E. more expensive) parts replaced, and more thorough maintenance, making you pay your auto mechanic more. What’s more, used cars require repairs more frequently than new cars. What this all means is that even though you paid less at the dealership, you wind up paying more expensive bills more frequently for a car that’s lower quality.

As if that’s not reason enough alone to look more closely at new car sales, here’a few other reasons.

1. The Latest Features.

Many people could care less about luxury features, but they forget that new cars also have better safety features. This could come in the form of extra airbags, better traction control, better handling, improved engine performance, or a myriad of other features.

2. Better Interest Rate.

As mentioned before, used cars do cost less initially, but eventually accrue more expenses in repairs. They also have higher interest rates than new car sales. This mean that although it looks like you’d be saving a ton of money, you’re not actually spending as little as you’d think.

3. They Last Longer.

What many people forget is that new car sales
provide high ROI not only because they’re better products, but also because they last longer. Used cars are, well, used, and will only need to be traded in after another 50,000 miles or so. New cars, however, can keep going after the loan has been paid off and they’ve accrued a few thousand miles.

Indeed, it’s better to keep your options open when shopping for cars. Excluding new car sales from your search would be a terrible mistake to make. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Find more on this topic here.

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