June 13, 2024

Three More Types of Vehicles That Car Shippers Transport

Auto moving

Auto shipping is generally a favorable option for two reasons. People choose to have their cars shipped because it is convenient and typically less expensive than trying to drive them. Logistically, driving cars long distances takes a lot of time and usually requires two vehicles. Furthermore, with the price of gas what it is these days, it can be much cheaper to ship, especially if you choose to have your vehicle shipped with others. Auto shipping companies can ship more than just cars, though. Here are three more vehicles that you might need to have shipped.

Antique cars
One of the main reasons to choose antique car transport is that they are often purchased online as restoration projects. If you find a sweet deal on an old car that doesn’t run, you’re going to have to have it towed or shipped to you.

All terrain vehicles
Another type of vehicle that you’re probably going to need to have shipped is an ATV. ATV shipping companies have a few different types of shipping vehicles, so chances are no matter which type of ATV you buy you can rest assured that it will be transported safely.

The last type of vehicle that auto shipping companies can ship for you that we’ll discuss here is motorcycles. People generally make purchasing decisions based on the best deal that they can get, so if you’ve found the perfect motorcycle at the right price but in the wrong place, having it shipped is your best bet. You won’t have to try to take a few hour long ride on a highway on a motorcycle.

Car shipping rates typically depend on the distance the vehicle will be shipped and how much the vehicle weighs. Car shipping companies usually have calculators that will give you and estimate on how much you might spend. Continue reading here.

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