April 23, 2024

Three Helpful Tips to Cut Down Your Stress Level When You’re Moving

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Moving is consistently rated one of the most stressful life experiences a person can endure. And if you’re wondering why, you’ve clearly never moved. The daunting terror of packing up everything you own into medium-sized boxes and coordinating movers’ pickup times while simultaneously not forgetting anything is, at the very least, panic-inducing. Add the car moving details into the mix, and it’s completely crippling.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Say your company decides to up and relocate to a new city somewhere across the country. Odds are they’ll want you to join, which typically also means they’ll help cover your moving costs for you — a super win. Unfortunately, corporate relocation might be cheaper, but it’s likely just as much as a headache. That’s if you don’t keep in mind these three great tips for making it less stressful, of course.

1. Start making lists. No seriously, start right now.

Most moving anxiety stems from a general fear of leaving something important behind, so don’t let it happen. Go through each room and make lists of the items in each one. Use different colors for the lists and coordinate the boxes to match up. When you finally arrive at your new living space, all you’ll have to do is sort the boxes by color and you’re be halfway to set up already. Isn’t that easier than a perpetual headache?

2. Book your car moving service sooner rather than later.

Look, when you’re finished indulging your fantasies of cross-country traversing in the red Ford Mustang convertible you don’t own, understand that the easiest way to get from Point A (your old place) to Point B (your new place) is through one of the many professional auto transport companies available in the U.S. It’s easy — just start by comparing prices and pick the one with the most protection for your ride. But do it soon to give yourself some wiggle room.

3. Get to know your new destination inside and out.

No need to hire a corporate relocation specialist. No need to pay extra for some kind of corporate relocation service. All you need to do is a little research. Look at the living costs in your new city and see if they’re comparable to what you’ve been used to in your current situation. If they’re not, figure out what adjustments you need to make in your own budget.

For more helpful tips like these, talk to people who’ve been through it before. Ask about car moving service recommendations. Ask about movers’ insurance. Ask everything, really. After all, it’s your life we’re talking about here. Helpful sites: www.dasautoshippers.com

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