April 25, 2024

Four Tips for Landing the New Car of Your Dreams

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According to the Wall Street Journal, consumers haven’t been too worried lately about the waffling economy when it comes to buying new cars. This April saw a jump in the number of car sales, with automakers overall selling nearly 1.4 million cars, an 8% increase from the same month last year. If sales hold steady, then 2014 will see the largest year for new car auto sales since 2007.

If you are planning on going new car shopping, you’re certainly not alone right now. Considering the number of first time buyers out there, and taking into account that, on average, people will buy just 10 cars over the course of their life, there are many people out there who may want advice on how to look through new car sales. Here are four tips you should keep in mind.

1. Look for Incentive Programs, Wait for the Right One if You Can

Most dealers offer various incentives that can potentially save you hundreds of dollars on your vehicle. What you might not know is that these incentives rotate on a monthly basis. Hoping for a student discount? Will good auto mechanics provide free oil changes? Ask first so that you can buy your car at the optimum time.

2. It Can Help to Get Pre-Approved Before You Go

Getting approved for a loan can be a good step in the buying process. When you get approved from a bank, online lender or credit union, you can see what interest rate you will qualify for, and also figure out if there’s any issues with your credit history that should be resolved before you go looking for a car.

3. Is Leasing Worth It?

There’s no right or wrong answer necessarily — some people will appreciate having a lower monthly payment — however, MSN Auto recommends against it. “Dealerships love to push leasing because it is so profitable for them, but leasing is almost always a bad idea.” Like renting an apartment, you don’t have anything left to show for your investment several years down the line.

4. Take a Test Drive, But Be Calm

When people report discomfort in their new vehicles, it’s often because they turned down the test drive. It’s an important step in the new car shopping process, but you should also make sure to not show too much emotion if the car is a good fit. Analytical buyers tend to pay less for their cars than emotionally charged buyers, and part of this is because the dealer can see when you’ve become giddy over a good choice.

Do you have tips for new car shopping? Let us know in the comments. Read more here: hudiburgnissan.com

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