June 22, 2024

Three Benefits of Chartering a Bus for Your Group Trip

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When you need to transport a big group, consider chartering a bus for the trip. The benefits of bus travel are more than transportation; they can also be fun, comfortable, and even help lower your carbon footprint. Of all the group trips taken each year in the U.S., bus travel accounts for 751,000,000 of those trips.

Bus Trips are Fun.

You may not know this, but 50.2% of coach bus passengers in 2012 were seniors and students. Cheap charter buses are a great choice for school field trips because they offer entertainment options. A long field trip to a special destination does not have to mean hours of dull silence; or more likely when traveling with kids, hours of excited chattering.

There are options available for passengers to watch a movie via screens near their seats, or even to choose to have Wi-fi on the bus. Cheap charter buses are a possibility for school sports teams that may be slowly raising funds for their away-games and need a good deal.

Have Comfort on a Long Trip

Buses have come a long way from the rigid seats and dusty horse-drawn motor coach of the 1820s. Charter bus amenities include plush seats that can recline, cup holders, the above mentioned entertainment, and the indispensable bathroom. For a tour group made up of seniors, these features become essential for a long trip.You don’t have to sacrifice comfort.

Taking a Bus Lowers Your Carbon Footprint.

Did you know a single-occupied car gets about 27.2 passenger miles per gallon? A motor coach gets approximately 206.6 passenger miles to the gallon. Yes, a cheap chartered bus is better at reducing it’s carbon dioxide output than a passenger-train (three times more efficient) or a transit bus (six times more efficient).

In a study by the American Bus Association in 2007 on comparing the different carbon dioxide outputs from different transportation methods, a van pool had twice the output of a motor coach. Looking at those statistics, they really are the best green option.

Cheap charter buses are really anything but. If you are planning a trip for a bigger group, look into your local companies. You might find an option that works for you, whether your main concern is entertainment, comfort, or cleaner transportation.

Have you taken a chartered bus for a trip? What did you like about it? Let us know in the comments.

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