June 13, 2024

3 Beautiful Bus Routes That Will Make You Want a Vacation

Why charter a bus

Did you know that as early as 1820, people were traveling in buses pulled by horses? And by 1830, England was sporting buses powered by steam. It didn’t take much for people to acknowledge the ease of bus travel, and since then we’ve been loving our ability to travel comfortably on a bus. (You can even get wifi on a bus now!) Here are some of the most beautiful bus routes in the world to inspire you for your next bus trip. (Check out your local bus services for charter bus lines.)

Paris, Route 69 – Reported as the best way to make the most of your trip to the famous city, the 69 bus has some seriously cinematic views. It passes landmarks like Place de la Bastille, Place des Vosges, Rue de Rivoli, Notre-Dame, Sainte-Chapelle, Palais-Royal, Les Tuileries, Musee d’Orsay, and Les Invalides, before making its final stop at the Eiffel Tower. (No need for wifi when the views of the great city are all around you!)

San Francisco, Route 37 – Certainly not one of SF’s busier routes, this route is a great one for visitors, because it isn’t the usual tourist trip. It begins at Masonic and Haight, where you can see the Haight-Ashbury Victorians, then winds through Cole Valley, Buena Vista Heights, with views of San Francisco Bay, downtown, and everything south of the city. The route then cruises down through the Castro, and you’ll end up in Twin Peaks with even more views of the bay from this second-highest point in the city.

Oahu, Route 52 – Oahu’s local bus services, known colloquially as “TheBus,” have incredible views of Hawaii’s stunning coasts. This route runs from Ala Moana to the island’s North Shore, through downtown, along the Hawaiian highway, past Pearl Harbor and the sugar cane fields of Mililani. A breathtaking 2 hour tour of the island, the route finally ends at the famous Turtle Bay Resort.

If these routes make you want to take a vacation, look into your local bus services today. It’s easier than ever to charter a bus for your next trip.

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