June 22, 2024

The Importance of Cleaning Your Previously Owned Vehicle

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Purchasing a used vehicle provides you with many great deals. You often have a better chance negotiating down auto prices when it comes from a private seller than you do at an auto dealership. However, purchasing a vehicle from a private seller brings its own risks. You may not know the complete history of the vehicle, including how many owners it has had. You may worry about the cleanliness of the vehicle. When purchasing a vehicle from a private seller, consider the following cleaning and auto preparedness tips to properly clean and prepare it for use.

Completely clean it out Even if the vehicle you purchased appears to be clean, you can avoid surprises by removing everything for a deep cleaning. The car is consistently dirtier than the home, having 17,000 times more bacteria, according to a study done by GAP Enviromicrobial Services. You cannot physically see germs, making it important to sanitize every area of the vehicle before usage. Even be sure to remove CNC cuts and car carpets, as these are common dirty areas of the vehicle.

Throw out auto mats If you are unable to properly clean the auto mats or CNC cuts, consider throwing them out and purchasing new. Some auto mats are plastics and can easily be cleaned and desanitized. However, other auto mats, such as felt truck mats, are more difficult to properly clean. Especially consider changing the mats out if there are numerous stains or difficult to clean areas. You can replace them with custom car carpet, carpet that is made specifically for the CNC cut of your vehicle. Custom carpets also prevent debris and germs from getting into hard to reach spaces, such as underneath the auto mats.

Sanitize the auto?s trunk The auto truck is an often forgotten about part of the vehicle. In fact, you might not even check the vehicle?s trunk when viewing the vehicle. A study from the Aston University in Birmingham found that the trunk, where you normally place all of your groceries, contains about 850 bacteria. It could contain even more bacteria, depending on the type of items the previous owner transported and how often they cleaned or did not clean it. Sanitize the entire trunk before placing your own items into it.

Consider a professional auto detail Auto detailers are better able to reach difficult places. They are aware of where bacteria sits and grows. They also have special tools for deeper cleaning. For example, if your auto carpet or CNC cut is not designed for your specific vehicle, they can get underneath the existing rugs for a proper clean. Many auto detailers offer multiple discounts, meaning they will detail your vehicle for cheaper if you purchase many at once. Even if you decide to clean your vehicle yourself, a professional auto detail can be extremely beneficial when purchasing a previously owned vehicle.

Have a professional vehicle inspection completed The previously owned vehicle may require preventative maintenance, depending on how old it is and how many miles are on it. Vehicles are made up of certain sensors and pollutant blockers, however, if these sensors are not regularly cleaned, they do not work as well. According to a survey conducted by the Dohring Co., 95% of respondents are concerns about air pollutants within their vehicle. Ensure that all of your sensors are properly cleaned and working efficiently.

Many car buyers prefer to purchase from private sellers. They can obtain great deals and they do not have to deal with banks or used car salespeople. However, when you purchase a used vehicle, you often do not get a professional cleaning included in the price, as most dealerships offer. Ensure that your used vehicle is properly cleaned and sanitized. Automobiles carry a lot of germs, and without proper cleaning, they can spread illness and disease.

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