July 20, 2024

Nissan Cars May Offer You Excellent Value

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Whether you’re looking for the best used cars or the cheapest new car, Nissan car specials may be able to offer you the best value. In fact, the car company has several things going for it these days that make it a particularly appealing option when considering your next vehicle purchase. You may even want to consider Nissan car rentals.

Nissan has progressed quite a bit since its first Datsun was released in 1931 as the “DAT car,” complete with a compact 10 horse-power engine. Today, the company offers an electric car called the Nissan LEAF. According to the company’s CEO Carlos Ghosn, a version of the LEAF that essentially drives itself should be ready for commercial sale by the year 2020. Another of Nissan’s goals is to have 85% of its American cars manufactured in North America by 2015. With America having accounted for 70% of all buses, trucks, and cars in the world in 1950, it would be great to boost domestic manufacturing of cars once again.

From the development of green technology to investment in North American production, Nissan shows itself to be a forward-thinking business with progress in mind. Automotive technology has certain come a long way since its beginnings. For example, the first cars did not use wheels to steer, but tillers instead.

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