April 23, 2024

How to Straighten and Repair Bent Rims

Rim refinishing

Did you know that wheel rims have been used since the first millennium BC? The first rims were made of iron and were used on the wooden wheels of chariots. Although rims still serve the same purpose, which is to mount and hold wheels and tires, they are now commonly made of aluminum. Rims often bend, though, so rim straightening is typically needed to keep your rims fully functional.

Wheel rims bend for a variety of reasons. Driving over potholes, manhole covers, and curbs, for example, will put unwanted strain on your rims. Rim bending can happen over time or can be caused from one large impact, but any type of bend in the rim is still dangerous. Bent rims can cause your car to wobble or vibrate, and they can even damage your tires, as well. As a result, it is important to fix your rims before they cause any problems.

There are several ways to perform a rim repair. One of the most common ways is to heat the rim in the bent area. Heat will soften the metal, and this will allow you to apply pressure to it so you can straighten it. Another way to repair the rim is to place two crescent-shaped blocks inside the curve of the wheel. The blocks must be spread apart using a foot pump, and spreading the blocks will cause the bend to straighten. If these options do not produce the desired results, however, an autobody repair shop will be able to fix your rims for you.

Bent rims can be dangerous, so it is important to fix them as soon as possible. Although rim painting and rim refinishing will improve the appearance of your rims, rim straightening will actually fix them properly. Since bent rims can be dangerous, there are several different ways to repair them. By choosing the most effective rim straightening option, your rims will be able to function properly again.

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