July 20, 2024

Ignition Interlock Devices That You Can Rely On

Getting a DUI can be a scary thing for the individual being arrested as well as those who were driving on the roads at the same time as a drunk driver. An interlock device known as an interlockcup exists that can help reduce the likelihood that somebody will drive drunk on our roadways. The interlockcup is a proven method to reduce the amount of people who will get behind the wheel of a car intoxicated. Today we want to take a closer look at interlock devices and the difference they’re making in our country.

Interlock Devices Making a Difference

Drinking and driving is one of the leading causes of fatalities in the U.S. Ignition interlock devices are installed on vehicles to ensure that nobody gets behind the wheel of a vehicle while they are under the influence. This is due to the fact that the rates of people losing their lives in drunk driving accidents are only on the rise and continue to increase every year. Every day across the country, another 28 people will lose their lives in these accidents.

An ignition interlock system is the best way to prevent drunk driving from happening again, as these devices will prompt you to perform a breathalyzer test five to 15 minutes after a vehicle has started and throughout the trip to ensure that you are not driving drunk. Ignition interlocks are a great method to halting drunk driving, as they cease the engine from starting if alcohol is sensed beyond a certain point. So far, interlock systems have been associated with a 70% reduction in arrest rates related to impaired driving.

Many places across the U.S. are considering vehicle products such as the interlockcup as a way to prevent drunk driving on a larger scale. There are around 150,000 interlock systems on vehicles in the U.S., which have been placed in the vehicles of drivers who are most likely to re-offend because they already have prior DUI convictions. Interlock systems have been making a difference on our roadways for quite some time, as it is impossible to drive a vehicle with one of these devices if you have become intoxicated and attempt to drive. It is a surefire way to ensure that you will not be committing this crime that takes lives and causes injuries each and every year across the United States.

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