June 13, 2024

How to Help Young People Shop for a Used Car and Why

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Teenagers and other young people who are driving for the first time are likely excited, especially if they are going to get a car that is all their own. When going to a car dealership, or taking them out to have a look at what types of cars might be best for them, it can be helpful to consider getting used cars instead of new ones. This is because these types of cars are generally cheaper, and will help them get started on the path to driving on their own, just the same as a new car. When helping new drivers find a car that is going to meet their needs, here are a few factors to consider in order to help with the process.

Pre-Owned Cars Can be Cheaper and Are Certified

Choosing to have a pre-owner car is a choice that might make the parents of new drivers feel more comfortable. Used cars for sale can certified pre-owned, also called CPO. This option can be available for cars that are under five years old. Parents might feel more secure knowing that their child is driving something that is certified, versus a regular used car. This is an option for almost every type of vehicle, from used trucks, to vans, and everything in-between. Car dealerships can better assist with finding a vehicle that meets these specifications, and is one both the parent and young driver will feel confident with.

Choose Used Cars That Have Low Mileage

If buying a used car CPO is not something that either party wants to do, there are other choices around this. For example, the adult and the young driver can opt for a vehicle that has low mileage and has not been used a lot, even if it is older than five years old. This Since most cars will have at least an average of three owners, it is not difficult to find one that has had little use, and purchase it for the young driver to have. This is usually cheaper than the CPO option, but it can be just as safe. Cars that have low mileage should also have less wrong with them versus cars that have been driven a lot, even those that are CPO. This can be a great opportunity for the young person to learn about the benefits of used cars and how to shop smart.

Used Car Shopping is More Common Than Most People Realize

Even though many young people may want a brand-new car, helping them to get a used car for the first car ever can teach them more as far as life lessons go. For example, almost 40 million cars, both from car dealerships and private party sales are sold every year. That means it is more common to deal with a used car than most people realize. There is no shame in having used cars, since these types of purchases do not go up in value as time goes on, but have a tendency to go down, instead. Saving money, and learning about what types of items to place value on can be a helpful lesson to young people, as they deal with cars that are not brand new, and begin to learn more about the benefits of having used ones.

When trying to help a young person find cars for sale, shopping used is the way to go. There are options to shop for certified pro-owned cars, which are still used, but not as old, or individuals can just make the choice to find cars that have lower mileage and were used less by the previous owner. Either way, having a used car is more common than most people realize, and teaching young people about this fact will help them be better prepared for the future when they deal with car shopping on their own.

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