June 22, 2024

Get the Most from Your RV Storage with These 6 Tips

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If you have a recreational vehicle (RV) the chances are good that you really love it. That means that when you are going to park it in RV storage, you are going to want to take all the steps that you have to in order to keep it in the best shape.

  1. Clean it before you store it. If you have any kind of vehicle that you are going to store, whether you are putting an RV in RV storage or your car into long term car storage, you should clean it first. If you have it waxed before you put it into the secure car storage, you will protect it from sun damage and keep it cleaner throughout the time that it is in storage. Many RV owners are always trying to get rid of or prevent black streaks. These are often caused by dirt and grime that was on the roof. The cleaner your RV is when you put it in storage, the better.
  2. Keep your RV dry. Moisture is an issue for most RV owners. You want to keep your RV clean while it is in RV storage. The problem with moisture is that it encourages mold growth. The best way to keep the RV dry throughout the time it is being stored, is to keep the roof vents open. This keeps the air flow going through the unit. You can put vent covers over these vents so that you can keep them open the entire time you are storing it. These covers will keep the rain from getting in. When you are trying to dry out your RV, the last thing you need is for it to rain to get in. At the same time, when the air inside the RV is the same temperature as the air outside, you have a better chance of keeping your moisture level down.
  3. Leave the blinds open. Mold loves the dark. Many people leave their RV in the RV storage with the night shades drawn. If you leave them open, the sun can get in and this will inhibit mold growth. If any water gets into the RV and the blinds are closed, the results will be unpleasant black mold that is very bad for your health.
  4. Do not let your RV become a home for pests. What pests you need to worry about depends on where your RV storage is. All pests can cause damage to your RV and should be kept out at all costs. The problem with any winter car storage or RV storage is that the pests really want in. Your first line of defense is to make sure all of the openings to the outside are screened or blocked off in some other way. You want to leave your roof vents open to prevent moisture buildup but you need to keep covers on to prevent pest access through the roof. If you need them, you can get covers for all of the vents and plumbing outlets from the RV parts store.
  5. Get the right insurance. You should be able to get the right insurance policy for your RV for the time when it is in RV storage. Check with your insurance carrier about what kind of policy you should have to get your RV through the off season. Many insurance carriers do offer policies that only cover storage so you should see if you can get one of those for when you are not using the RV. At the very least, having a policy for this time will give you more peace of mind.
  6. Show your RV some love. During the winter season, when it is in RV storage, you should drop by the facility and check on your RV. You may find some problems have come up and it can be a lot easier to fix them if you find them early than if you wait. Two problems that are better to find sooner than later are moisture accumulation and rodent infestation. Both can cause major problems.

Owning an RV is a lot of fun. When you put it in RV storage for the off season, you will have a better experience by following these tips.

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