July 20, 2024

4 Things You Should Not Do When Shopping for a Mom Van

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Trying to buy a new car as a mom is a difficult process. It’s amazing how many people are okay with tripping off a lady with kids. This can make going to a used auto dealer a bummer. As a mom, you know that there are certain things in a car that you want and nothing more and nothing less. However, most salespeople are going to try and sell you on things that you don’t need and they’ll use the fact that it’s better for the kids to play you. Here are just a few tips for car shopping as a mother that will give you the best car buying experience.

Don’t Bring the Kids
Taking the kids around to local used car dealerships probably isn’t the best idea. Not only will they get bored and cranky and possibly end up everywhere, but you won’t be able to focus. It’s a rule that kids have; they have to want everything in sight. It doesn’t matter whether you are at the grocery story or a used auto dealership. If they see it, they’ll want it. This will make test drives and viewings very difficult and a salesman could even use that against you: “See? The kids love it!” and that will make you upset at not only your kids but the sales person to. While it may be difficult to find a babysitter, it will be worth it to be able to think clearly and focus on what you are doing. Plus, it’s a little alone time and who doesn’t want that?

Don’t Care About Their Opinions
Many parents care to much about what other people think of their parenting. If you know what you need in a car then that’s fine. If the sales person tries to tell you that something is or isn’t a good idea, don’t listen. What you need to listen to, is the knowledge of the car. For example, if you don’t care about having automatic doors because you’d rather not pay the $1000 extra, then don’t be bothered by the comments about how it is safer for the kids to be able to hold your hands while the doors open. You know your kids, you know your needs and the sales person does not. Don’t feel like you are a bad mother because you don’t take their opinion into account. However, if they can give you a mechanical reason why automated doors would be better for you, then maybe you can listen to that; parenting tips however, you do not.

Don’t Stray From What You Know You Need
It can not be said enough: you know what you need. If you want a minivan because of the sliding doors and roomy seats and separate air vents, do not be talked out of it. Of course, if you are open to something else, that’s a different story. Here is an example; let’s call her Kate. Kate only has one kid but she wants a minivan because there is practically an air vent for every seat. The sales person at the used auto dealers tries to convince her that a minivan is not what she needs because she only has one child. He tries to get her into a brand new Mitsubishi that only has air vents in the front seats. Of course, she knows they can be pointed towards the backseat as the salesman pointed out but that’s not what she wants. She wants to be able to position the air directly over her baby because he was premature and has trouble regulating his own temperature right now. Go with the minivan, Kate; you know why.

Don’t Forget to Do Your Research
Before you head out to a used auto dealer, you should make sure that you look into the kind of car you want and find out pricing and details about it. Unfortunately, it is quite a common mistake that sales people make; trying to up sell a woman. They can tend to feel like women, especially mothers, are easy sells. You can prove them wrong by being fully informed about your chosen vehicle before you even step on to the car lot.

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