July 19, 2024

Five Little Known Facts About Subaru

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Next to buying a house, a vehicle is one of the most serious investments one can make. For many Americans, their lives revolve around the idea of reliable transportation. Whether one is looking for pre owned cars or new cars for sale, there is certainly no lack of choices from car dealers. Although they only claim a modest 2.3% of our nation’s car sales, Subaru sales have steadily increased as consumers demand more advanced safety features, higher resale values, and greater fuel economy. Here are some interesting facts about the Japanese automobile manufacturer.

What Does Subaru Mean?

Subaru takes its name from the Pleiades star cluster which inspired the six-starred logo. In the West, the Ancient Greeks referred to the constellation as the Seven Sisters for the seven brightest stars in the group — one more than on the Subaru company symbol.

A More Down-to-Earth Company

Subaru is the automobile division of the Japanese company Fuji Heavy Industries, which first began life in 1915 as The Aircraft Research Laboratory. What may have began as a new venture has turned into the world’s 26th largest automobile producer as of 2011.

The First of Few

Subaru first became a distinctive division of Fuji Heavy Industries in 1954 when the Subaru 1500 was released. Subaru only produced around 20 of these models before their first widely produced vehicle, the Subaru 360, debuted in 1958; the vehicle was marketed as a “cheap and ugly” car — surprisingly the vehicle caught on with consumers.

Committed to Conservation

Subaru is one of the global leaders in the green movement; the company’s Lafayette, Indiana plant was the first auto assembly plant in the world to achieve a zero landfill status. Since their vehicles are produced with highly recyclable materials, Subaru inventory enjoys a 97.3% recycling ratio rate for their vehicles at the end of their life.

High-Performance Vehicles

While Subaru offers innovation and environmentally beneficial considerations for the car buyer, the company also sports a line of turbocharged versions of their passenger cars. The Subaru Impreza WRX, for instance, boasts anywhere from 265 to 305 horsepower according to Subaru dealers. Whether you’re looking for pre owned cars or new cars, Subaru has an option to suit your needs.

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