June 13, 2024

Classic Car Restoration Is a Popular Hobby

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What you decide to do with your spare time says a lot about who you are. It can tell your neighbors that you value hard work and attention to detail. It can also let your family know that you are someone who has an unexpected fun side which might differ from the serious face that you have to wear at your office job. Classic car restoration as a hobby is a pursuit that many enthusiasts enjoy as a way to pay attention to detail and to add excitement to their lives.
You may be the weekend restoration auto addict, or you may be the retired full time car connoisseur, but either way if you enjoy classic car restoration you are not alone. Nearly three million people in the world own classic cars. Every single person who drives an older car is included in this initial figure. At closer examination, the estimate is that there are probably 500,000 people who call themselves classic car buffs. Of those half a million owners, 150,000 actually own more than one classic car.
Some classic car restoration experts select their hobby because they love to pay attention to detail. Others see classic car purchases as investments. Whether you are a hobbyist or an investor though, classic car people speak a common language and enjoy any opportunity to show off and discuss their rides and classic car restoration tips.
Unlike other hobbies where participants seem to want to keep the trade secrets to themselves, a parking lot full of car collecting and car detailing enthusiasts often share long stories of their latest successes and failures. While those new to the classic car club might first find themselves at general auto detailing and auto repair services, many quickly gravitate toward the most experienced classic car mechanics and experts. Ask any classic car enthusiast, and that person can likely recite where refurbished parts were purchased, how much they cost, and who the seller was.
Classic car owners often become very attached to their purchases and are known for sparing no expense or emotion. In fact, The International Carwash Association indicates that 64% of car owners talk to their cars, and 27% take their adoration one step further and give them pet names. Even though an estimated 8 million vehicles a day are washed at car washes, classic car owners usually enjoy and demand hand car washing, waxing, buffing and drying. While the utilitarian car owner will make sure that routine maintenance like keeping a vehicle properly tuned to improve gas mileage by 4%, a classic car owner will research, purchase, and maintain every single car part in an attempt to reach restoration authenticity.

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