November 30, 2022

5 Reasons to Buy a Honda Civic Hybrid

Hybrid cars are definitely popular. They are estimated to have a fuel efficiency that is at least 20 to 35% higher than that of conventional vehicles. In 2012, Statistic Brain has said that about 2,180,000 hybrid cars were bought across the United States. The Honda Civic hybrid is one of the most popular models of […]

Why Hybrid Cars Have the Best Fuel Economy

One of the first things a smart car shopper is going to ask themselves and a salesman is “what cars have the best MPG?”. Of all of the concerns a buyer has about a potential car, fuel economy is right up there with safety ratings and performance. Buying a new vehicle is a huge expense, […]

How Three Leaders in the Hybrid Car Market Stack Up for MPG

What cars have the best MPG? No matter which experts you talk to, they’re always bound to point at the hybrid selections: Toyota and Honda especially. For years, the Prius and the Accord Hybrid have led the charge in the hybrid fuel economy game with combined city and highway averages of around 50. But recently, […]

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