June 22, 2024

A Guide to Getting Cars Off Your Lot Used Car Edition

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Did you know that in 2012 there were over 40.5 million used cars sold in the United States? However, on average, only 16 million new and used cars are purchased each year. Used car dealers made a killing in 2012 and many buyers got a great deal. As is expected when individuals drive older, used models, car repair becomes a bigger cost. Between 2012 and 2022, the automotive repair industry will grow nearly 10%. Considering that cars depreciate 20-30% in the first two years of ownership, it makes more and more sense in a down economy to frequent used car dealerships rather than new car dealerships.
One feature helps car dealerships stand out among the rest: easy financing. Buyers can afford to purchase a warranty on a used car and sleep soundly with easy financing. If you are in car sales, below is a list of concerns to anticipate when working with potential used car buyers.
Is this car a lemon?
The media has not been particularly kind when portraying used car sales people. Consumers will be concerned that a car will be faulty once driven off the lot. Quell concerns by offering 30 day guarantees or customer testimonies.
Were the tires/transmission/belts recently changed?
Any consumer knows that even if a car is running great, the parts inside the car have a limited life. Keep records of maintenance so that you can quickly demonstrate when the last tire change, oil change, belt change, etc was.
Will I find this cheaper elsewhere?
Arm yourself with the Kelly Blue Book value and ensure costumers that if a vehicle is found cheaper elsewhere, it may indicate that the vehicle is faulty. Use fear to incentivize buyers to purchase at a reasonable rate.
Used car dealerships can be tricky but a little finesse goes a long way. Treat your customers with fairness and dignity and you will excel as a car sales person. Links like this.

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