March 3, 2024

5 Winter Safety Tips for Truck Drivers to Follow

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Statistics show that harsh weather conditions have increased overall demand for automotive towing services over the past five years. With that in mind, it’s important to know how to stay safe while driving during the colder times of the year. Considering that, here are five important safety tips for truck drivers to follow during the Winter.

  1. Keep Headlights On

    This initial step might seem second nature to certain drivers. That being said, it’s always important to ensure that your headlights are on while driving in poor weather conditions. Having your headlights on makes it easier for other drivers to see your vehicle, especially while in conditions that reduce overall visibility.
  2. Drive Slower Than Recommended Speed Limits

    Statistics gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that there is expected to be nearly 18.79 billion tons of cargo transported each year by 2040. With that in mind, it’s understandable that drivers might want to keep trucking along in order to make deliveries. Considering that, it’s simple for a truck driver to momentarily forget that they need to be driving slower than any speed limit signs during snowy weather. Many vehicle recovery services have had to gather automobiles due to the fact that a driver was traveling too fast.
  3. Give Yourself Adequate Space

    While driving during snowy weather, it’s important that you keep distance in between your truck and other automobiles. Statistics show that a big rig takes about 40% longer to completely stop than does a car. Driving too closely to other motorists increases the risk of you not having enough time to avoid hitting them. Considering that, give yourself more than enough space to ensure you have plenty of time to brake while on the road.
  4. Perform Driving Actions in a Slow Manner

    You’ll always want to do nearly everything slower than normal while driving in the snow. Heavy duty towing services regularly help drivers who have accidentally flipped their vehicles. If you’re driving a truck for a living, it’s especially important to ensure you are driving properly in snowy conditions. For instance, simple maneuvers including braking and turning should be done much slower during snowy weather. You’ll find that performing these maneuvers slowly allows your automobile to gain more traction.
  5. Pull Over in Extremely Severe Conditions

    Truck drivers are expected to safely transport cargo from one location to another. That being said, there are times when weather conditions are simply too unsafe to drive in. Considering that, you’ll want to pull your truck over in the event that you can not safely drive your vehicle. Those who attempt to push on might need the help of vehicle recovery services down the line. With that in mind, it’s best to avoid any potential danger by pulling over during a wintry storm.

To summarize, there are several safety tips truck drivers should follow in order to stay safe while driving during the Winter. You’ll always want to ensure that your headlights remain on, it might sound simple but it’s a step many drivers forget during the daytime. Always drive slower than normal while on the road during snowy conditions. Speed limit signs are meant to be utilized while road conditions are normal. Giving yourself enough space while driving reduces the chance of you running into another driver. If conditions become too much to deal with, you’ll want to consider pulling over until the storm passes. Many vehicle recovery services have had to help pull out vehicles in situations where the driver probably should have pulled over.

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