May 18, 2024

3 Crucial Decisions to Make Before You Buy a Golf Cart

Looking for some dirt cheap golf carts to supplement your weekly golfing binge? Or perhaps you’re searching for custom club car golf carts for sale, but don’t know where to start looking? The website, Free Car Magazines, gives golf enthusiasts some helpful tips on how to start shopping for different brands of golf carts.

Before you visit a golf cart seller near you, consider what kind of cart suits your needs best. Surprise surprise, buying used vs. new is always cheaper! However, buying used might not always suit your distinct golfing tastes.

Take, for example, electric vs. gas-powered golf carts. Want to do the environment a favor while saving on maintenance costs? Go with electric. Need a golf cart that has more horsepower and can last for hours on end? Go with gas. This option is usually more expensive in the long term, but can easily overcome difficult terrain.

Buyers also have the option of getting custom golf carts for golf, but will need to pay a bit extra for those fancy perks. As mentioned before, it depends on your golfing tastes and needs. Whatever your choice, the right choice of golf cart is out there.

Used golf carts lakeland

Despite what their name suggests to the uninitiated, golf carts are actually a very versatile little vehicle. And while that’s ultimately great for golf cart owners, it also means you’ll have to make some tough choices before you buy a golf cart for the first time. So if you’re interested in golf cart sales online or in-person at local golf carts dealers near you, here are three decisions you’ll need to make ahead of time.

1. Electric vs. Gas Powered

While all-electric vehicles aren’t very practical for most U.S. drivers, they are a viable option for anyone who wants to buy a golf cart. So what are the pros and cons of traditional gas-powered golf carts over their electric alternatives? First, gasoline-fueled carts have a longer range than electric carts. Plus, they have a little more of a kick under the hood for those looking for better horsepower, either because of hilly terrain or just ‘cuz. But remember, gas isn’t cheap, and maintenance on gas engines can also get expensive over time. If you’re concerned about the environment, electric golf carts usually produce less emissions.

2. New vs. Used

If you’ve ever bought a car, then you’ll be familiar with this dilemma. As such, the biggest advantage of used golf carts won’t surprise you — they’re cheaper. With new golf carts starting at $5,000 and going as high as $30,000, used golf cart sales can provide a more affordable option.

3. Essential Features vs. Flim-Flam

One man’s bells and whistles are another man’s totally awesome sound system that makes all his neighbors jealous. So before you buy a golf cart, ask yourself what you really need and want from your new ride. Do you need seating for your whole family, or is that exactly what you’re trying to avoid? Weather coverings? Racing stripes?

No matter what you decide, just make sure you buy a golf cart that suits your needs and your budget. And choose wisely.

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