May 31, 2020

How a Performance Exhaust Improves Your Vehicle

There’s an astounding amount of vehicles being produced annually. Statistics from 2017 found that over 73 million vehicles were produced throughout the world. This is a total that only looks to rise. In fact, it’s expected that over 81 million vehicles will be produced by the end of 2018. Many people purchasing these vehicles want […]

Have You Checked Your Fuel Filter Lately?

How often do you think about your diesel fuel filter? If you run diesel your filter has a bigger job to do than you may realize. Here I will be explaining what part fuel filters play within your vehicle. For this purpose I will be using Fass 150 filters as an example, as they are […]

The Value of the Ignition Interlock Device

There are currently about 28 deaths on a daily basis from drunk driving. This means that there are far more drivers on the road after excessive alcohol intake than there should be. And this is a bad thing. One way to reduce this fact is the ignition interlock device. How the Ignition Interlock Device Works […]

Find a Cobra Replica for Sale, and Live the Dream

The Shelby Cobra is undoubtedly one of the best cars ever designed, a sports car with an engine big enough for a muscle car and a distinct design that remains classic even decades later. The Cobra is still one of the most desirable classic cars every designed, and every car enthusiast certainly wouldn’t mind owning […]

Quality Car Repairs Can Help You Maintain the Value of Your Vehicle

Two sons, two different scenarios. Your older son, who has recently turned 21, was chomping at the bit to start driving. He got his learner’s permit the very first day that he could and was driving to school as soon as possible. Your younger son, in comparison, could have had a school permit to drive […]

3 Common Causes of Vehicle Paint Damage

If you’re reading this, you probably pride yourself in taking great care of your automobile. There’s nothing quite like driving in an automobile that you treasure. Considering that, many people prefer to own vehicles made by General Motors Company or GMC. With that in mind, it’s important to do everything possible to keep your GMC […]

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