April 25, 2024

When Adulting is Too Much Grown Up Games You Can Play in the Car

Cars enable participation in the community

When the naive glow of your youth slowly but surely begins to fade, you reach a point (somewhere between your mid to late 20s) when the gravity of adulthood sinks in ? and things get real real quick. There’s no doubt about it, adulting is hard to do but luckily there are so many ways to make it easier and even enjoyable.

One of the ways to ease the stress that comes with adulting is to find enjoyment in everyday things, such as your morning commute to work. Do you remember how exciting car rides were as a kid? They were awesome, and everything about it was super exciting. Now as an adult, it’s easy to find yourself muttering about slow drivers, grumbling about traffic, or arguing with your GPS about the best route to take.

It doesn’t matter if what you drive, but how you go about driving can help you reclaim the excitement your inner child so desperately wants to feel again. So whether you enjoy driving Buick cars, GMC cars, GMC trucks, or power wheels, here are a few fun games you can play in the car to pass the time when you just can’t even adult like a grown up.

An attitude of gratitude

Mindfulness is a buzzword that has been flying around as of late, but what does it really mean to be mindful? The practice of mindfulness involves engaging in a series of emotional and mental exercises that allow you to feel or remain present in whatever you are or aren’t doing. Really, when was the last time you felt completely engaged in your morning commute instead of stressed about fighting traffic or upset that your coffee run was making you run light. Playing the gratitude game allows you to find joy in the little things while you drive, such as the beautiful scenery, the smoothness of the road, or the thrill of catching some air while you drive over a hill. What are you most grateful for when you drive?

Connect the song

If you’re riding along with other human adults in the car, one way to make the experience a lot more fun is to play connect the song. This is one of the best games you can play in the car and it’s sure to be a hit ? pun intended. Connect the song is one of those games you can play in the car that requires some knowledge of pop culture, although it can apply to any genre of music. All you have to do is start busting a rhyme or belting out your favorite tune, and have someone pick up where you left off by singing another song using the lyric you left off with. But don’t get too distracted, because car safety is still important!

While you were sleeping…

One of the best things about car rides as a kid was the chance to sleep and magically wake up at your destination. Yay! You can still find enjoyment doing this if you’re not in the driver seat, but when you wake up, don’t be surprised if your car mates try to trick you with the while you were sleeping game. While you were sleeping is one of the best games you can play in the car if you want to prank someone. All you have to do is make up a somewhat feasible story and use it to prank the person that was sleeping. For added impact, your car mates on join in and add details to your story for credibility.

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