June 13, 2024

What to Look for in Your Next Spare Tire Cover

Spare tire cover

Your car is a representation of you. If you are interested in creating a distinct look, check out a custom made spare tire cover. A spare tire cover with a colorful design will make your car stand out and represent your personality quite well.

Tire covers make spare tires easily accessible, in chance of a flat or punctured tire. Spare tire covers is an accessory that covers the rear mounted spare wheel on 4×4 vehicles. Custom made tire covers can feature a variety of designs including animal prints, flags of different nations and landscape prints. Jeep tire covers are among the many car manufacturers to put their logo on tire covers. A spare tire cover can protect your car from the elements, including the suns rays.

Proper vehicle safety requires specific inflation pressure, tread depth and the general pressure of the tires. Unfortunately, not enough people follow these guidelines to protect their tires. According to an RMA survey, only 20% of American drivers check their tire pressure each month. Have your tires rotated a couple of times a year. Having your wheels aligned on a regular basis is important to the quality of your tires, and will allow them to last longer.

Over inflated tires run the risk of explosive decompression, or they will pop. Under inflated tires have a higher rolling resistance and suffer from overheating and rapid tread wear particularly on the edges of the thread. To be safe on the road, tires should have a tread that is at least 4/32 of an inch deep. Most automobile manufacturers recommend that your vehicle have a tire pressure around 30 psi. Vehicle and tire manufacturers provide instructions on how to check and maintain tires.

A spare tire cover can ensure your spare tire is protected from the elements, keeping you prepared in case disaster strikes. No one plans for losing a tire, but should you encounter a flat tire, be prepared with a spare tire cover. Having a custom made spare tire cover can give your car a safe and distinct look.

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