May 23, 2024

What Really Happens when You Leave Your Car with Your Mechanic

Porsche repair shop

When we drop off our car for servicing at our luxury vehicle repair shop, it is easy to start to wonder what the mechanics there really do all day. Is it all staring under the hoods of cars with your hands on your hips? Do you really get covered in oil? How much fun is it to test drive cars in order to accurately diagnose a problem and give car repair estimates? Given the mystique behind the closed doors of your Porsche service center, here’s an idea of what a day really looks like for a Porsche service center employee.
1) Routine Maintenance A bulk of many days for Porsche service center employees is spent doing necessary routine, though often overdue, maintenance. Research suggests that around 77% of all cars are in need of some sort of repairs or maintenance. Further, around 18% of cars have brake fluid that is contaminated or low, and 22% of cars have either not enough oil for their engines or oil that is old and dirty. Because there is such a need for fluid maintenance and other routine services, this makes up a big bulk of what happens at car repair shops.
2) Shopping In order to keep car repair costs down, many employees at your luxury vehicle repair center spend a good amount of time locating the part you need at a price you can afford. While shopping on the job might sound fun, when it is routine, it becomes a bit less exciting.
3) Solving Mysteries Even though much of what happens in car repair shops is routine, there are times when vehicles come in that truly require everyone to come together to figure out what is wrong and the best way to fix it. While these kinds of cases may be frustrating for owners, they can be an exciting break in the day for mechanics.
4) Keeping Up with the Times Cars are always changing and technology is constantly improving. In order to make sure the employees at your Porsche service center know how to take care of your vehicle, they have to stay up to date on changes and learn from the people they work with.
5) Customer Service From quoting luxury vehicle repair costs to customers to working with people who are dropping off their vehicles with unexplained problems, a big part of what a mechanic does is provide great customer service.
It’s natural to wonder what happens to your beloved vehicle when you leave it at the repair shop and to want to know more about the people you trust to take care of it. Regardless of what any one particular day looks like, rest assured that in any quality car repair center, they are focused on maintaining your car the way it needs, educating themselves on emerging technology, and making sure that you have as positive an experience as your car does.

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