July 20, 2024

What Are the Differences Between Braided and Spiral Hoses?

In this YouTube video, RG Group PA discusses the difference between spiral and braided hydraulic hoses. Not all braided metal hoses are the same.
In hydraulics, there are two types of hose: wire-braided and spiral hose.

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The difference is seen when a person looks inside of the tubes. A braided hose will have layers that are interlocking inside of and on top of each other. There will not be straight lines. A spiral hose has multiple flat layers sitting on top of each other with flat lines. The lines will not intermix with each other.
Braided hoses are designed for high-pressure situations but not repeated banging motions, such as those found when using a jackhammer. The more banging, the more the braids will become separated from within, creating a weak spot in the hose. The soft spot will eventually lead to hose failure.
The spiral hose should be used for high-pressure situations and where there will be repeated impact motions. The spiral hose will not give easily or bend in ways that the braided hose will.

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