June 1, 2023

Vehicle Wrap Advertising The Most Bang For Your Buck

Vehicle wraps oklahoma city

Small businesses are always looking for fun, invigorating ways to promote their brand and reach as many consumers as possible. Traditional forms of advertising like tv and radio ads are good but nowadays the people simply want more. One way marketers have responded is by using cars to advertise. Not feature cars in a commercial, to be clear, but actually using cars to promote a product. Vehicle wrap advertising, as it is known, is a relatively-new but thriving promotional technique that has brought considerable success for those who’ve used them.

Why are they so popular? For starters, they’re cheap. In terms of cost, car wraps have one of the smallest cost of production rates out of any advertising method around. That is, once you pay for the wrap, the amount of notoriety it will garner will more than make up for the initial investment.

Another reason is that some businesses report their business increasing by more than 100%! Given that one vehicle wrap design can gain up to 70,000 views a day, no easy feat for any advertising technique, is enough incentive for business owners to take note of them.

What is custom wrap advertising exactly? Car wraps are simply designs printed on vinyl wrap that are laminated and literally wrapped around the car. Vehicle wrappings are applied directly the the car. They are perfectly removable and don’t damage the car’s paint at all. Ordering one car wrap from a team of professional designers can bring your business attention and business like no other.

Vehicle wrap advertising presents an affordable and truly unique opportunity for proactive, fresh advertising. The average American car drives roughly 15,000 miles a year and passes by nine million vehicles. Think about how one car wrap can be viewed by thousands of motorists and their passengers everyday.

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