June 13, 2024

Using Your Car or Truck For the Ultimate Summer Vacation

Listen up, car owners.

Your trusty car, truck, or van helps you get from one point to another, but have you ever thought about how your vehicle can also help you make long lasting memories this summer?

Road trips and camping are two inexpensive ways to get the most out of those hot summer months. So that being said, here are some tips for vacationing with your car, so you can be prepared and enjoy your upcoming trip.

From visiting a quality auto body shop Sioux Falls, to packing camping essentials, this is what you need to know.


Roadtripping cross country is a way you can spend time with your loved ones and also explore new parts of the country. You would think all you need is your car, a full tank of gas, and a willingness to drive wherever your heart takes you. But in reality, you’re going to need to bring a lot more than that if you want to be more prepared. Therefore, it’s imperative you bring:

    • snacks
    • a first aid kit
    • a phone charger
    • hand sanitizer
    • sunscreen
    • a cooler
    • a swiss army knife

Your car, however, will need it’s own list of necessities if you don’t want to risk being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Car essentials for a summer roadtrip

You’re going to need these things in your car emergency kit:

  • jumper cables
  • a spare tire
  • a warning triangle
  • reflective gear or a reflective vest
  • the car’s user manual in the glove box


Going camping

Did you know going camping in your car is a lot safer than setting up and sleeping in a tent? Not only are you elevated, but you also have a much sturdier roof over your head in case it rains or hails in the middle of the night.

Make sure to pack pillows and blankets in the trunk.

Also, don’t just spend the night anywhere. Make sure you’re out of the way and are stationed somewhere it’s legal to leave your car.

Bring extra lights with you—like flashlights and lanterns—just in case you need to leave your car in the middle of the night.

Your car can transport as well as house you and your family this summer. But no matter how many flashlights and bandaids you plan on bringing, you won’t be truly prepared until you get your car checked out by a comminted and expert auto body shop Sioux Falls.

Before the trip: Finding An Auto Body Shop Sioux Falls

Of course, if your car has recently been in an accident or is in less than perfect condition, you can always take it down to the most trusty auto body shop Sioux Falls. Even if your paint job is starting to look dull, bring it in, since the shop also doubles as a car accident repair siox falls, and a car paint shop sioux falls.

Driving your vehicle after it’s been damaged is a hazard to not just you, but other drivers on the road.

On average, a rear-end collision happens every 8 seconds.

Whether you need a paintless dent repair Sioux falls, or need a free collision repair estimate Sioux falls, an Auto Body Shop can handle all that and more and is your one-stop shop to ensure that your car is good to go this summer.

So you can worry about making long-lasting memories with your family and friends instead.

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