April 23, 2024

Top Three Ways to Customize Your Harley

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There’s no doubt that motorcycles are cool, and Harley Davidsons are — hands down — the coolest. Cool people ride them, you can ride out in the open summer air rather than being cooped up in a passenger car, and they can go pretty fast. But let’s be honest. The coolest parts about a motorcycle are how it performs and how it looks. Here are three ways you can customize your motorcycle to make it (and you) even more cool.

One common way to customize your motorcycle, and a safe one too, is to customize it to fit your unique size. If you’re a smaller person, riding a bike that is way too big for you will look a little ridiculous, and it also is not safe. The best way to make sure your bike fits your size is to look into custom motorcycle frames to have one built just for you.

Custom Harleys usually have a special paint job to convey its rider’s personality and style. Motorcycle custom paint can be a solid color, a print or pattern, or even special images, so if your favorite color is sea foam green, you just really love houndstooth, or you want to show the world how much you love your kids by getting their faces airbrushed on your bike, there is a custom paint job out there for you.

Another common feature of custom Harleys is that they have motorcycle accessories. There are plenty out there to make your bike fit you, your personality, and your riding style. You can equip your bike with an aftermarket suspension kit, different types of sidecars, windshields, and other accessories to make your ride more comfortable and cool.

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