June 13, 2024

Tips for Finding an Auto Glass Repair Company

Finding a good auto glass repair company should be easy, but opinions differ on how to go about the process. Some suggest that the best way to find the right company is shopping around. By shopping around, they recommend that you contact multiple providers to obtain pricing and the availability of the class you need for your car.

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That approach makes sense, but some who advocate for it also suggest that you ask the auto glass repair company about the glass they use, so you can evaluate the quality of the glass. Likewise, they suggest asking about the provider’s installation equipment, suggesting that providers that use better equipment are better providers. The problem with the quality of the glass and equipment approach is that most people lack the knowledge to distinguish poor versus high quality glass and equipment because they are not auto glass specialists.
Instead, your insurance company has preferred relationships with auto glass repair facilities in your area. The insurance company receives a discount from the repair shop for sending you there. Still, the insurance company wants to ensure you receive quality glass, properly installed. If both occur, you will likely be a satisfied customer and less likely to need another glass replacement soon. Working with your insurer’s preferred provider is often the right choice.e.

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