April 23, 2024

Three Things You Need to Know About Car Shipping

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To many people, the vehicle hauling industry is a complete mystery. For individuals that have never had to move a car, the fact that there is even a hassle-free option is a complete revelation. The freight industry alone generates approximately $5 billion in revenue, so it is not hard to imagine that the personal car shipping industry has significant weight as well. Despite this, there are many things that people just don’t know about the industry and how they can use it. Take for example, these three facts.

Car shipping companies move more than just cars.

Many companies offer motorcycle shipping, heavy equipment transportation, boat shipping, and more. Did you know that the military actually uses vehicle shipping services to move their military grade vehicles? The fact is, the infrastructure, resources, and expertise are already there, so car shipping companies make use of all of those factors to regularly move all kinds of vehicles across the country.

Unlicensed vehicle hauling services are risky.

Choosing a multi-car carrier to ship a vehicle will be one of the most inexpensive options available to you, but it might take a little bit longer than you had hoped. If you think that you are going to save money and time by choosing a car shipping service you found off of Craigslist, you may want to think again. Unless that company is insured and licensed, you might be walking right into a scam that will end with your car stolen, damaged, or arriving to its new location even later than you had hoped.

The United States Department of Transportation requires liability and cargo insurance to be obtained by all auto transport companies. If your new-found company promises quick delivery, but does not have insurance, then that is your first tip. If they are not licensed for vehicle hauling, then that is your second red flag. Choose reliability and expertise over a quick fix any day to avoid a sticky situation.

Vehicle hauling costs don’t have to be a mystery.

Did you know that you can get an idea of what the cost will be to ship your car, even before you call to get a quote? While the most accurate estimation will always be straight from the auto transport company, you can use a car shipping cost calculator, or look for rates reported by people in similar situations. For example, according to Cost Helper, it could cost between $600 and $1,000 to move a four-door compact sedan from one end of America to the other. The $600 cost is a representation of costs during the slow winter months, and the $1,000 is indicative of costs during peak summer season.

Car hauling
companies don’t have to be a big mystery. Now that you know about specialized transportation services, the strict standards, and the availability of online resources, you can feel more comfortable selecting a vehicle shipping company when the time is right. Helpful info also found here: www.dasautoshippers.com

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